January 28, 2015

About Kate

Mel: Kate is the ultimate city bitch abroad because:

She can pack for a two week trip in the time it takes to play a Michael Jackson song.

Kate packing for our South America trip while listening to Bad. Yup, she packed for the entire trip in 4 minutes and 7 seconds.
Kate: Omg these pictures are the definition of hot mess. I also love that my reading material for the trip was apparently an issue of Marie Claire with Mary Kate on it and The History of Love. The absence of US Weekly or In Touch is troubling.

Mel: We can only hope I was carrying the other trash mags. 

She's tough enough to carry a backpack that’s twice the size of her.

Kate hiking the Inca Trail. Badass.
Mel: I love how I can barely see you in these pics because the backpack is insanely huge. Also, the woman on the left clearly opted to pay a porter to carry her backpack because she was smarter than us. And I think the porter on the right is actually carrying less than you!

Kate:  I'd like to clarify that not only did we scoff at the people who decided to pay a porter to carry their bags but we also thought it would be genius to swap off carrying one ginormous bag with both of our sleeping bags rather than us each carrying one normal size bag of our own. #lessonlearned

Mel:  A small part of me still stands by our backpack idea but that might just be because I got to see the porters laugh at you every time they passed by.

Kate: The only time I really regretted that decision was when we were going down the "gringo killer" stairs and the bag was so big it got stuck while I tried to climb through a cave and then about 15 porters came barreling down the hill at me. I always wondered how frustrated they must have been with us tourists. Here we are with hiking boots and walking sticks struggling and they're basically running the entire thing in flip flops, while carrying all our food and shelter.

stuck in the cave 
Mel: Although to be fair, we didn't actually have hiking boots. We were probably the only gringos doing the trail in gym sneakers.

Kate: And everyone else was decked out in North Face and EMS gear while we're rocking Old Navy performance fleece and Goodwill flannel. However, we were the only ones who were prepared with ponchos, so that has to count for something.

She also does an EPIC Hammer dance.

Mel: One of my only regrets from our travels is not getting photos or video of your MC Hammer Dance. I'm sure I would have if the dance hadn't been suddenly interrupted by the person knocking on our door to get us to be quiet in our guesthouse in Chiang Mai. You have to promise to do it again on our next trip so I can get some video of it - people really need to see it.
Kate: Let's be honest. I love doing the Hammer dance and wearing big pants so the chances of you getting on video at some point are pretty damn good. Do you think it would become a "meme"? Am I using that word correctly?

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